How to: Update and Upgrade Ubuntu 18.04 Quickly

This is a real quick how-to update Ubuntu 18.04.

This should be done weekly as it includes all of the important
bug fixes for your distribution, as well as more importantly
security patches.

This is a fresh install of 18.04 using the image from
Digital Ocean.

Note that the Digital Ocean image automatically makes you the
root user, however normally you should not be logged in as the
root user and in most instances you want to make sure that root
is disabled all together.

First thing you will want to type in is SUDU
Meaning Super User Do

Followed by, APT-GET UPDATE then enter
This is going to refresh the list the image keeps internally
This needs to be done before every system update

sudo apt-get update

Now we will actually update using this command,
Start with SUDO again
Now APT-GET UPGRADE and press enter

sudo apt-get upgrade

Notice everything that needs to be upgraded will pop up and
the system will ask you if you are sure you want to upgrade
and will show you how much space is going to be required.

Press Y followed by another ENTER

Ubuntu will now upgrade everything it can and you have received
the newest bug and security patches.

Any further questions please comment below!

Have a great day!

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